• HELLO,today I  Feel guilty because i hadn’t posted where i was from,Africa A country of Fashion risk takers, people ignore  potentials in most African designers and i am one of them.prints are uniquely done in a very great MASTER PIECEImageImageImageImageImageImage  called ”Ankara”we get our inspirations from nature,Its almost like Mother nature had a baby called AFRICA because the interpersonal relationship between AFRICA  and MOTHER NATURE is more like two couples in a very deep bond.I PRESENT OUR CULTURE,OUR HEARTBEAT,OUR NATURE AND OUR LIFE.Enjoy your tour to African’s Best Designer wears Get ready! and GO!.


     YOGA EXERCISE is not some kind of spell in harry potter,body potions but,it is a very realistic spell.Yoga helps in training our being.Having a problem fitting into that Mac Jacobs dress Then,you are very lucky!Here’s,My favoriteImage yoga poses you would enjoy.This would transform your dream body from VIRTUAL TO REALITY!enjoy!ImageImageImage


     It all seems so cliche when we all hear things like ”love your body” blah blah blah but i believe after seeing this i think body appreciation would be maximized….Enjoy.ImageTRANSFORMATIONS WERE JUST DONE IN CARICATURE,Copied from a site.ImageImageImageImageImage


  •      According to my research,I found out that not only plus-sized girls suffer from insecurity but also skinny girls.Whats not to love about your body?We all have to construct a maximum confident to love our body from skinny,curvy,plus-sized.Each day people go under the knife just to have the kind of body we don’t appreciate.Its all about staying healthy,dress for success.MARILYN MONROE inspires me till today,she is a lady of motivation and she would still remain that.ImageImage.Fashion is not about clothing,FASHION is a lifestyle.So ROCK this lifestyle today.