ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage             Interpretation of” Emo” to most people is all about looking scary and being ”over dramatic”.Emo hairstyles can work well for every face shape and complexion,Its all about adding your personality to what makes it” Emo”,Going dramatic cannot be a good,solid choice for everyone but,its all about creating your own personal definition on how you can establish the look.Fashion is all about taking RISK.I picked some moderate ” Emo” looks that can be a good starter .Change your look from GREY TO RAINBOW with the “EMO” hairstyles.




ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWho says CEO aliens are not real?Welcome everybody to that planet But, in this planet only creative dresses reside there.These are very beautiful,artistic designs,These dresses shows us here in FASHION Island that fashion is really unlimited,Fashion is a continual process.According to what i believe,FASHION IS A RECYCLE MACHINE.




Hello World Today,I am going to be talking about why swim suits could be a scary phobia to so many ladies.Who says you don’t have that flat belly to wear one?

Who says you’ve got cellulite all over your butt?Who says your legs aint carved well?,Who says you don’t have the perfect skin tone to wear one?,Who says you’re too skinny or plus-sized to wear one?These questions are to be answered personally.Before you choose any swimsuit make sure you go for something that would bring the beauty in you.We have different body shapes like the Pear,Apple.hourglass etc and its causing traffic,so many names all for a body. its all about embracing that beautiful body you’ve got.The only way this phobia can be cured is by, loving your body and understanding what looks BEST on you,(This not about looking unhealthy,Being healthy is also FASHION)what can i say?SELF APPRAISAL IS  FASHION



ImageBangs,bangs so addicted to this hairstyle.So i was thinking of a calm Gothic look but more of my style.I am wearing a denim jacket that i actually designed with a black camisole.About the makeup,A very thick black eyeliner no eyeshadow,just a loose powder No foundation,no concealer,and then a cherry lipstick. What can i say? FASHION IS ALL ABOUT STYLING YOURSELF FAMOUS.


 ImageImageImageImage The pop star is known for her trendy flexibility in hairstyles and also known for her triple hour glass figure.Nicki Minaj could splash colors of rainbows on her hair and still look SEXY.Try something different this summer,You may not want to go  OVER THE TOP like Nicki but,look for a color that best works for your complexion.


  • HELLO,today I  Feel guilty because i hadn’t posted where i was from,Africa A country of Fashion risk takers, people ignore  potentials in most African designers and i am one of them.prints are uniquely done in a very great MASTER PIECEImageImageImageImageImageImage  called ”Ankara”we get our inspirations from nature,Its almost like Mother nature had a baby called AFRICA because the interpersonal relationship between AFRICA  and MOTHER NATURE is more like two couples in a very deep bond.I PRESENT OUR CULTURE,OUR HEARTBEAT,OUR NATURE AND OUR LIFE.Enjoy your tour to African’s Best Designer wears Get ready! and GO!.


     YOGA EXERCISE is not some kind of spell in harry potter,body potions but,it is a very realistic spell.Yoga helps in training our being.Having a problem fitting into that Mac Jacobs dress Then,you are very lucky!Here’s,My favoriteImage yoga poses you would enjoy.This would transform your dream body from VIRTUAL TO REALITY!enjoy!ImageImageImage